December 1, 2015

White Dog tried to sound nonchalant. "Look at that, the calendar page needs to be turned to December," she said nosing my desk calendar which is my catchall for upcoming events, commitments, days of importance. "Wow! There is SO much on this month," she continued.

"We better call a meeting and decide this year's Family Christmas Giving Project and the Holiday card still needs designing...well maybe you better wait until after Friday when Pearl and Opal are here...and are we going to make Christmas cookies remember I like the pecan butter fingers...and..."

I gently placed my finger across her lips.

I continued for her. "And there are White Dogs wish lists to assemble. And decorating to do. And presents to send out. And..."

WD leaned forward waiting for the most important item of the month.

"And a certain Little White Dog of My Heart's 11th Birthday Bash to plan for December 22nd. Yes, we will not have time for just sipping eggnog and watching Rudolph movies."

"Like I said," White Dog answered, "EXACTLY! So much happening."


meowmeowmans said...

Oh, this post makes me smile. And WD's sweet face in that picture made me smile even bigger! :)

The Daily Pip said...

A special birthday party and Christmas this is going to be a very fun and special month for the WDA! Cheers!

Random Felines said...

ALL of it important!