December 2, 2015

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army huddled around. The call was from National Mill Dog Rescue to confirm our plan to meet this Friday to pick up the newest members of our Army.

The weather prediction was good and the timeline meshed well. We will leave Albuquerque around 7am and head north to Raton and Lori will head south from Colorado Springs. The plan is to meet at the Raton Animal Shelter which has kindly agreed to let us do introductions there.

We will hug and kiss our newest recruits, Pearl and Opal, and then hurry home as quickly as possible to the waiting White Dog Army.

White Dog cautioned every pup that the Army's welcome must be gentle as Pearl will still be recovering from her spay surgery. And both girls are still recovering from the amazing losses of each of their entire litters; 11 puppies in all. The emotional toll was great and the surgery after revealed horror stories of both girls lack of vet care throughout their lives. They will heal but it will take time. Forever they will bear the scars of resource fights at the puppy mill which left their faces and flanks torn and healed over.

"They are not beautiful," we were warned. "Warrior Amazons who survived hell, what is more beautiful than that?" YoYoMa corrected as he nuzzled Bella a mill dog survivor herself.

So now the race is on as WD fusses to make sure beds are cleaned and made. Dust bunnies are removed. We have a plan for where each girl will eat and what bowls each will have. "We need to make sure they have LOTS of options for where to nap and sleep," she pushed. "It will be up to them to find places where they are most comfortable."

Zsofia, Sachi and Benson have volunteered to help them get the hang of the dog door. Nilla and Bella will be sister mentors. Every pup is excitedly planning how he or she will have a part in making Pearl and Opal make themselves at home.

Paws and Fingers crossed the weather does not sabotage us. Those girls need to, as Ferg put it, "get here where they belong as soon as possible."


Random Felines said...

we got our prayers out to the weather gods. those girls may take time to come around - but they will be SO loved and are in great paws and hands.

NanĂ¼k said...

Prayers for a safe and speedy trip mates, we shall all be waiting on word of the new arrivals,

Nukie & Family

Brian said...

We sure hope all goes smoothly!

24 Paws of Love said...

And so the WDA continues to grow in love...welcome Pearl and Opal. You are in wonderful hands.