December 15, 2015

White Dog joined the others in their middle of the night restlessness. YoYoMa, Pearl, Opal and Bella actually went out into the cold to investigate the sad cries coming from the second floor balcony next door.

These keep-to-themselves young people seemed to once again have a group of dogs living with them. From what we have seen of the dogs they appear to be well fed but not very trained...and the White Dog Army often hears them barking chaotically inside the house. We try not to judge.

But this night the temperature was in the twenties and those dogs were outside for its entirety on the balcony. They were unhappy and vocal...and tugged at the hearts of our pack. It made the rescuer in me boiling mad.

This afternoon I saw a woman who was using a key to enter the duplex (where the dogs were madly barking on the other side of the door) and went out to let her know that their dogs had let the neighborhood know that they were cold and wanted to be inside last night.

"Sorry," she mumbled, "we weren't home and did not realize that they would be a bother." I explained that I was concerned more about their well being in the subfreezing night but that the barking did disrupt as well. The WDA was not quite as diplomatic as they shouted through OUR windows their opinion of people who would leave their dogs all night out in the freezing winter to worry and cry.

"Did you tell her off, momma?" White Dog asked when I came back inside. "I was polite and I hope she understood that she needed to be more concerned about the dogs and their welfare. Let us hope we do not need to go further with making our point." "But you will if you have to, right?" WD persisted. "Positive thoughts. She was thoughtless maybe and now she is aware." I answered. "Hmmm," was White Dog's response.