December 16, 2015

Today we lost a friend, a fellow advocate, and an amazing Warrior. Our hearts breaking, we howl our song of lament to guide Special Warrior Gibson of FiveSibes on his way. We send gentle nuzzles of comfort at this aching time of unbearable pain and loss and hold the spirits of all the family gently in our paws, arms and hearts. 

Gibson will never be forgotten, he has touched so many lives and has been a noble spokesdog for raising awareness about epilepsy. His untiring efforts have been monumental in educating our Blog Family, and the world, about Canine Epilepsy. His example showed us that an epi-dog could live a full life filled with joy and adventure. We learned that diet and medication made the disease controllable. He showed us that having epilepsy was not a death sentence. Most importantly he was a reminder of the power of love, patience, and belief. 

It was not epilepsy that stopped this educator, Warrior, family member...it was the sneaky horrible c monster who came out of nowhere to attack this special friend without warning or time to fight back. 

We have been proud to walk by his side in his advocacy of Epi-Dogs...and continue to walk in his tribute. For him, we wear our bands and promise to always GibStrong. Our brother, Quinn was an Epi-Dog. Gibson and his family helped us understand and provided support as we needed it. 

Gibson will be missed and we pray the warm memories of lives lived totally entwined in commitment and love to each other will provide peace for his family. 

We hate the c monster. 


Brian said...

We were sure super sad about handsome Gibson. That boy was such a fighter.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Forever,,, Gibson will be remembered.