December 20, 2015

White Dog paced excitedly hours before anyone got here. The enite White Dog Army was ready. Steve set up the kitchen for snacks and made a crockpot of hot chocolate. Then Candace and Micah arrived to help set up a mini "warehouse" and picking line on the driveway. Snack trays in the living room provided wrapping stations. We were ready!

Our family Christmas Project this year grew to be a Family of the Heart Project as friends and loved ones from all over the world participated in bringing together materials to create 120 We Care gift bags for the homeless.

Bags contained a pair of socks, a pair of gloves, toilet paper, a jar of peanut butter, toothbrush and paste, bandaids and antiseptic, tissues, baby wipes, pens and paper, trail mix, fruit leather, jerky sticks, granola bars, a bag of candy...and of course, a candy cane. Each bag was tied with a ribbon and included a handwritten Christmas Card. 41 special bags of kibble and dog treats were done for those on the street with dogs, so that they, too, could enjoy the giving spirit.

Rebecca and Jacob and Ellianna were the first to arrive and were greeted by Christmas music on the stereo and enhanced by the White Dog Army. The assembly party was on...
And now five teams of "distributors" have boxes of our bags for people and dogs to share with those in our community who are in need. Between now and Christmas day, this awesome group, Steve, myself and the White Dog Army will hopefully let those who don't hear it often know that "We Care."

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Random Felines said...

We wish this wasn't so necessary, but are glad you will be helping those that need it