December 19, 2015

White Dog gave a warning growl to Pearly who was standing on the edge of the snack tray trying to reach the bowl of pita wedges just cut for tomorrow's Christmas Project Party. Her growl caused our newest girl to startle and shove the tray forward, toppling it, right onto sleeping Nilla's front paw. Nilla hopped up with a pitiful cry and was ploughed over by Zsofia, Benson and YoYoMa rushing to her aid. Yo tripped on the sprawled tray which he coud not see, sending the bowl of bread which had miraculously landed right side up and intact, all over the room. This in turn caused Bella and Sachi to frenzy as they snoofled as much bread as they could cram into their mouths. Steve was trapped in the hallway by the chaos and valiantly tried to create a passage through downed dogs and mess. Finally, he reached Nilla and scooped her up in his arms.  She was limping when he set her in the kitchen away from the tumult.

He picked her up again, stepped adroitly around Ferguson, awakened, and curious about the commotion, and deposited her in my arms. I cradled her and felt around on her paw. Nothing seemed amiss. For good measure I massaged her foot and leg a bit cooing comfort as Steve restored order to the living room. When I set Nilla back on the ground, she was fine...as was the rest of the house.

Opal trotted out to stand in the living room doorway. "What's going on?" her look asked. "Oh nothing special" was the reply.


The Daily Pip said...

Christmas accidents are common with all the commotion and excitement. Glad everyone is OK. Hope you enjoy the party.

Random Felines said...

poor Nilla... never fun to be the one on the bottom

Jhony Bairstow said...

I Love your articles guys keep it up. Amazing Pet Expos