December 4, 2015

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army leaped at the door and crowded the window to watch our van pull into the drive. Every pup want a glimpse at their newest sisters, freshly delivered from Colorado and just as anxious inside the vehicle to meet the sources of the welcoming bedlam.

The greeting was that usually reserved for a triumphant hero...or two. "Well, they ARE," Benson said, "look at all they have been through and still they chose to take a chance and come all this way to join the White Dog Army." The girls were not afraid as they were sniffed and nuzzled and surrounded by their new pack. They returned the greetings simply and were patient. Then White Dog led everyone into the living room.

She bid the girls to explore a bit and assigned Zsofia and Bella the task of guides and Steve was sent posthaste to gather Ferguson home from the vet's office for the official naming ceremony.

By the time Steve returned less than 30 minutes later, Pearl and Opal had already begun lessons on dog door use and were as Zso put, "EXCELLENT students." They proved her right when they followed Steve and Ferguson outside through the kitchen door but came back inside through the dog door.

White Dog gathered every one together and waited for silence. The new girls had taken up positions on Puff's mattress against the fireplace.

"Members of the White Dog Army and dearest family pack members," she began in a tone of leadership. "You each come with stories and triumphs and sorrows. You know the path to the White Dog Army is usually one that tests all you have inside. So it is with our newest recruits. They are still recovering from so much heartache and physical pain. And yet they have not surrendered. Their spirits are strong. Both will be an asset to our pack and their additions will make us better, more caring, more understanding. Please join me in welcoming

Precious Pearl Marie," Pearl lowered her head and moved closer to WD, "Warrior White Dog Woman. Her strength is beauty and she should bear the marks of life with pride. Welcome, sister...

WD held up her paw to stop the pack from engulfing Pearl. "I also want you to open your arms and hearts to Sparkling Opal Marie, our Amazon White Dog Princess. I already am certain that she will surprise us all in her tenacity and depth of devotion" Opal was too shy to stand forward so WD moved to her and nuzzled her face.

"The gemstone girls," White Dog anoounced. "Come and show them how we celebrate in the White Dog Army. Ferguson tells me that treats are ready in the kitchen...
Opal in my arms and Pearl wondering why it is taking so long to get heading toward home.
Sparkling Opal, Amazon White Dog Princess sits on Puff's bed and Precious Pearl, White Dog Warrior Woman lies in front of her.


Random Felines said...

Welcome girls!! You are in for a wonderful rest of your lives.

Brian said...

That is such a wonderful homecoming for the sweet ones.

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Perfect names.

Peter Parker said...

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Jo's World said...

The new pups, (like the old pups)are truly beautiful. When do you take your next head count. My town says I can't have more than two dogs and I tell them I might go to
Abbakerky and have eleventy dogs if I wanted to.


Jo, Stella and Zkhat