December 5, 2015

White Dog sat with me after breakfast when all the pups were napping off the continuing celebration.

"So already BOTH Pearl and Opal have mastered the dog door...out AND in. And it took what? Like an hour?" "Have to give the Army some credit, WD, the girls just followed the pack until they got it.

"And Pearl is the outgoing one. VERY unusual for a mill dog lady. She is already following dad around devotedly. She almost made me jealous with her boldness this morning in umping up on your bed." "Don't be jealous, Sweet Love," I told her. "No, it was just so cool to see her so comfortable on her first day. And I had to laugh when she jumped up and tried to counter surf the sausage you were slicing to go in the cassoulette." "Let's not forget how well she did on the bedtime walk with Bella and Benson. I thought Dad was bonkers attempting all three but all went well I heard."
Opal already wants to help supervise cooking tasks.
"You all wasted no time in showing her the watching chair and how to sing to the mailman," I commented. "And Benson sure thinks she is cute, especially pressed next to him looking out the window. THAT was quite a view for the neighbors." WD winked. "Yeah, who would have thought HE would be the randy boy," I told her. "Not that she seemed to mind the attention," WD said. "Still, that is welcome taken too far."

"Opal is more like Ferguson," White Dog commented. "She likes to know what everyone is doing but she is shy about joining in. She kind of likes that she has places to sit in the sun or be by herself." "I really hope that she and your brother hit it off and find that they like each other for company. I think it would be good for both. Maybe as Ferg starts feeling better."
YoYoMa with Opal and Pearl
"Opal is a little escape artist, isn't she?""Yep, she wiggled out of her collar and drag line this morning and then pushed through the baby gate at breakfast time. Guess she couldn't stand breakfasting with Sachi's bad manners." She is a quiet girl who seems to enjoy order and peacefulness and daydreaming in sunpuddles

Note: We put Opal in the bathroom so that she could take her time and not be vultured at breakfast; Sachi routinely eats HIS breakfast in the bath tub because otherwise he scarfs his down and then tries to steal everyone else's meal. When he is done he jumps up and down crying to be released.

"Opal has a more reserved personality and it may take her longer to be comfortable; maybe she will never be the bubbling type Pearl is," I said. "But you know what is so wonderful, momma," WD pointed out. "The way the two look after each other. It is odd because they were not bonded to even fostered together, but last night they slept together and they always seem to check on each other." "That is so heart warming, I agree," "and they both seem to love playing in the yard with Zsofia and Sachi and Bella." "And it is only the first day."

I kissed White Dog on her head. "What I love best is that no matter who comes and joins our family that it is always a perfect fit. You have grown a beautiful Army, Little White Dog of My Heart."


Anonymous said...

Love! <3 Such a heartwarming post! So happy to read that Pearl and Opal have settled right in, as if they have always belonged. And Sue, you look beautiful, with the biggest smile I have ever seen on you! True love and happiness beams through your face. Bless you all!

K and Suka Angel

Sherri Painter said...

Oh, how wonderful! Just made me smile and smile! That Army of yours is truly a blessing to have each day!!

Painter Pack

Brian said...

Y'all are the most wonderful family!

meowmeowmans said...

What wonderful and perfect names! Thank you for sharing your account of the WDA naming ceremony with us. We are moved to tears.

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

WE are so happy to hear the new additions are fitting in so nicely. Pearl and Opal are two lucky girls.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Lots of love in that family!

TwoSpecialWires said...

What a wonderful beginning!

Edward said...

This is too good,.I really like it,.