December 6, 2015

White Dog stretched and hopped off the bed. "TWO Easy Sundays in a row. A girl could get used to this." Her place was quickly filled by Zsofia who nimbly stepped up next to Sachi...and then Pearl pushed her over as she, too, joined us on the bed. Bella's cold nose on my arm alerted me to her desire to also come up; I reached down and she moved into the curl of my arm and I moved her to sit on my hip.

YoYoMa snored loudly against the wall on Steve's side of the bed. Nilla sprawled comfortably in her kennel and slept.

Benson and White Dog took the bedroom cuddling time to take advantage of the vacant momma chair...WD curled up in her Number One spot on the arm amid the pillows and Benson nestled on the seat. Both claimed they were taking "First Watch" over White Dog Ranch. Ferguson, from his favorite spot in the kitchen, chimed in that he, too, was on duty protecting the back entry.

"Where is Opal?" I asked unable to sit up for the pups sitting on and around me. Steve shifted on an elbow and surveyed the room. "Our shyest girl is all wrapped in a blanket in the way back of the corner mattress," he said.

We listened to the sounds of morning gearing up from the street and enjoyed the sunlight streaming in through the bank of windows. Every pup was drowsing...

...until White Dog began singing, soon joined by Benson, the Song of the Mailman.

"I think our girl has her days confused," I said to Steve. "Today is Sunday." But the song continued with such a call for action that one-by-one the army left us to go see. Sure enough, soon the entire WDA was howling.

"I better go see what is going on," Steve said and crawled out from under the blankets. "No howling, no matter WHAT it is," I requested.

In a moment he was back shaking his head. "White Dog is NEVER wrong," he said. "It was the mailman...leaving four HUGE boxes on our doorstep." "On Sunday" How does THAT happen?" "Believe it or not." "Well, then, let the day begin."

And by the time we made it out to the living room...Easy Sunday had resumed.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Easy Sundays are the best days!

The Daily Pip said...

Gosh, mail delivery on Sunday. Must have been something special. Hope you all enjoyed a restful and joyful Sunday!

P.S.: We are having a fun giveaway of a book that I think your mama would like very much. Stop on by.