January 13, 2016

White Dog was stretched out next to me as I sat on the bed preparing to hand out good night treats. Steve lifted her up since she cannot jump. She was sad about the restrictions on her activities and was feeling down about her sudden loss of independence in terms of jumping and her ability to come and go as she pleased. But she was being sensible and was very determined to follow Dr. Julia's orders.

Every member of the White Dog Army was excited about tonight's treat time. We finally had ferreted out our Secret Santa who sent us a wonderful assortment of Sammy Snacks. (Thanks again, Tekka and Gus). Most of the WDA had never experienced these treats but all knew that when the company was relatively new White Dog and her friend, Hana, were spokes dogs on YouTube for the treats.
I leaned over and whispered in WD's ear. "Bet they don't know about the special sharing feature. Watch, this will make you laugh."

Steve and I each took a handful of the treats and began to distribute them to the well behaved pups sitting around us. The peanut butter treats were gone in an instant. The Army knows at bedtime they get TWO small treats, and are all experts at counting. They looked expectantly for their second treat.

"Not so fast," I told them. "No one gets seconds until everyone gets their first treat." They looked around at each other, each certain that every member had been treated.

"Steve, here is YOUR treat," I said, popping a nugget in his mouth. "And don't forget YOURS," he added sharing one with me. The looks of the WDA were priceless. White Dog burst out laughing. (That made me happy).

She addressed the stunned family members. "Sammy Snacks were invented by a little girl who wanted to be able to share treats with her dog. All of the treats are for both people and for us!"  The White Ones still looked confused. "It is all right, better than all right, because at bedtime the entire family can have a nite-nite snack. Don't worry, momma and dad won't eat them all."

At the last the Army sighed and looked back to the bag. White Dog turned to me. "I believe treat number 2 still awaits us all."


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I love bed time snacks tooo,, especailly if they are yummy!

Anonymous said...

Sammy Snackers are delicious, seriously. I shared them with my dog, Hana, years ago. I'm tempted to go and order a bag now for myself.

Gus said...

My favorite are the cranberry ones...yum
Gussie's Muzzer

Random Felines said...

too funny - and what a great idea :)