January 14, 2016

White Dog looked over on the bed and shook her head. "I knew it was just a matter of time." She was referring to the fact that Bella had finally worked up enough nerve to join us on the bed for morning cuddles. "Sweet One," I told her, "it has taken nearly three years since Bella last wnted bed time, I hardly think that we can assume that this is going to become a regular habit."
Bella in 2013, not quite an ingrained habit of sleeping on the bed. 
"It is for Sachi," she replied and at the mention of his name the Little Man popped his head up from where he rested against the back side of my legs.

"Don't be jealous, Little White Dog of My Heart, there will alwys be a prime space for you here if you want it." "With pillows?" she asked. "Of course." "UNDER the comforter?" "Only you." "With space to stretch out?" "Until Dad comes back to bed, then we all have to make room." "OK, I'll stay for a while."

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The Daily Pip said...

Pure joy in this lovely picture! Happy snuggling!