January 2, 2016

White Dog proudly supervised as Steve removed Opal's dragline. It was a short piece of leash that allowed us to stop Opal if we needed to quickly control our quick little escape artist (like when we recently had to take her to the vet).

Our shy timid girl has begun to respond when she is called and although she does not yet permit cuddles she WILL come to meals, stand at the the end of the hall waiting for treats to be tossed and will touch your outstretched hand. We all feel that she is developing the trust needed without the demand for an emergency backup system.

She and her sister Pearl are making remarkble progress in bravely extending their boundaries and becoming comfortable with all of their pack mates in the White Dog Army. They have been with us only one month.
Opal naps on the pink mat next to the bed. This morning she rested there, guarding me while I slept.
Pearl is the most social mill dog I have ever seen.
Already she has joined Sachi and Zsofia's wrestling games and is at home right in the thick of things. 


Random Felines said...

They know they've found a good place

Gwen said...

No one can get to you while you're sleeping with that guardian nearby.