January 3, 2016

White Dog gave a little gasp when she realized Ferguson was right.

Ferguson was lying with his head cradled in Steve's lap. They are beautiful pair, each others' best friend. Ferg nestled deeper into Steve and sighed a long sad note. Steve rubbed his ear and whispered, "it is OK, Bud."

"But it is not, dad," his Boy replied. "the past two weeks have been so wonderful with you home on vacation. You are always here and I can be with you. And now vacation is over. Really, it ended yesterday and this is just a normal weekend but on Tuesday you will be back to late nights and office hours and all those things that take you away from me."

"But we have ALL day today and tomorrow, Fergus. And you know you are always in my heart and thoughts even when I am not here. I will always come home."

"Dad, I know how it goes; the last day is always spent mentally gearing up for going back into the fray. You may be here tomorrow, but you will be getting ready to return to classes and making sure you are prepared for the work week. I understand and I know you think of me but when I am not feeling well or I just miss you it is so much nicer if I can just look around the house and find you."

"Ferguson, you are not being fair to dad," I interjected gently. "He works hard so you and the rest of the Army can have the opportunities for good health and nutrition and safety that you have. Given a choice he WOULD rather be here with you. It is hard, I know because I often miss him, too, but you must look into your heart and send dad positive thoughts and love when he is not able to be with us."

Fergus raised his head and rested his cheek against Steve's. "I try, Dad, I really do. I just love you so very much."


The Daily Pip said...

Our vacation ends today as well. Ruby is not happy about us going back to work and school and either are we. Happy New Year! Wishing you much happiness, good health, and lots of fun in 2016!

Random Felines said...

It is so hard for everyone when vacation ends.

NanĂ¼k said...

We know the feeling, pops goes back to work today after a LONG break as well. Timber tried to talk him into just one more day off and it didn't work. She did, however, talk him out of a few sardines! Play bows,


meowmeowmans said...

Aw, we understand, Ferg. Zoe is a real daddy's girl, and was very sad today when I had to go back to work. Hugs to you all.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Reality is hard to handle!!