Febrary 15, 2016

White Dog stood with her paws on the bottom shelf. Zsofia pushed her nose past the breads. Nilla was snoofling what was in the door and Sachi just kept jumping up and down trying to see above the freezer.

"Come on you guys," Steve begged, "I can't close the refrigerator door if you all are standing with your heads inside."

"I KNOW there was coconut custard leftover from last night's party," White Dog answered. "Let's add that to the breakfast bowls."

"And you promised we could all enjoy the shank bones another day. TODAY would be good," Zsofia pressed.

Nilla wasn't so fixed on recreating the party menu. "I would be OK with just some of that peasant bread with peanut butter and jam."

"Get out and let me close the door, you are wasting energy. Plus I have everything already out for your breakfast."

"It is probably just the same old stuff," Zso pouted. "That sounds good," Sachi yipped, "I am pretty hungry."

Steve looked at White Dog. "As a matter of fact, even though you all don't deserve it with your demands and complaining, there are some eggs and veggie leftovers that I am adding. Plus I will share the melon and fresh pineapple that I cut up for my breakfast."

The White Dogs looked at the counter where the bowls were laid out.. "I can't finish your food until you let me close the door."

Like a practiced chorus line, the kitchen team swung from the refrigerator door to form a line across the counters.


Jake of Florida said...

A video of this breakfast story would be nice!!!

Random Felines said...

sounds like they have the routine down :)