February 14, 2016

White Dog has been a part of our lives 11 years. Though not planned to be a Valentine's baby, a break in the weather allowed her to fly from Kansas this day so long ago, after a series of weather delays.

For us, today is officially not Valentine's Day but Siku Marie's Gotcha Day. We honor the love displayed by a privileged elegant only child who opened her heart and home to those unwanted special needs rescues who needed a family and love to make them whole. It was not always an easy adaptation to go from being an adult only to leading a pack of ten, each with unique needs. She has learned how to guide, and understand, and orchestrate through just about anything.

She started her special day with a Dad and Me Road Trip to her favorite park, just after sunrise to watch the world receive its color and to enjoy a danish and Zoomies with Steve. this was a tradition that happened often when it was just her...and unfortunately not so much these days of larger demands and responsibilities.

Lamb shanks slowly braise in the clay oven filling the house with the exotic smell of Turkish spicing. And coconut custard chills in the refrigerator. Steve, earlier, scrambled the egg whites left over from the custard with chopped mixed vegetables to accompany the WDA's dinner.

Later, Pearl, Opal and Benson will hear White Dog's arrival story and learn that Molly became Siku Marie after winnowing Steve's multicolumn volume of name possibilities. Siku is an Athabascan native word meaning "Ice." We will all share photos. YoYoMa tells me that he and his siblings have put together post dinner entertainment that will please their beloved leader. I am sure the Queen WILL be amused.

To share our celebration, we invite you to take the first ever White Dog Trivia Quiz. Put together by Puff and Nilla, this is a chance to test your knowledge. Give it a try, WD will truly enjoy reading your answers:

1. What is THE White Dog, Siku's middle name?
2. On a trip to LA when she was young, White Dog gained theater fame during which production:
                 A. The Lion King
                 B. Hamlet
                 C. My Fair Lady
                 D. A Lion In Winter
3. White Dog's favorite cheese is:
                 A. imported triple creme brie
                 B. a nice stinky Cornish Yarg
                 C. I am a true Patriot, American cheese, of course
                 D. Like Dad I love EVERY type of cheese
4. Our forward thinking environmentalist, WD, talked Steve into purchasing which car that they loved to go tooling around town in:
                 A. A sunny yellow Prius
                 B. A purple Volt
                 C. a hot red Tesla
                 D. a bright blue Zap! Xebra
5. True or False? White Dog loves water and enjoys playing in the surf and swimming.

BONUS: Name all ten members of the White Dog Army who will celebrate in the furs tonight (the Angels will be here as well, I have been told).

Happy Gotcha Day to my daemon, 
the embodiment of all that is good in the world, 
THE White Dog, Queen of The White Dog Army. 
From ALL of us!


Nanük said...

Happy day mates, we shall take the quiz when we get to a computer- not the phone lol, love an woooos,

Nuk an family

rottrover said...

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, WD!! We ate lunch next to a small WD today - in your honor!!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Happy Gotcha Day!!
What a beautiful post

meowmeowmans said...

Happy Gotcha Day, sweet girl! We love you so, so much, and are proud to be your friends.

Our quiz guesses are: Marie, C, D, A, True


Nanük said...

OK, We'll play!




Siku Marie, White Dog said...

OK White Dog fans...here are the correct answers to the quiz:
1. Marie
2. Hamlet
3. Imported Triple Creme Brie but it IS true that like dad, she like all cheese (except processed American cheese which she politely takes and hides)
4. A bright blue Zap! Xebra
5. False!
The White Dog Army is Puff, YoYoMa, Bella, Sachi, Zsofia, Nilla, Benson, Pearl and Opal.