February 26, 2016

White Dog was at my side in the office where I worked with one hand and stroked her ears and neck with the other. Bella was asleep on my other side. Puff and Nilla had me locked in from behind as they napped against the wheels of my chair. Sachi snored on one mat at the door and Pearl dreamt of running on the other. All was quiet in the house and the afternoon had a warm glow of accomplishment about it.

I glanced up at the movement into the hallway. Zsofia was awake and heading outside. "Hi Zso," I greeted her. Something in the way she quickened her step made me call her back. She paused, guiltily.

"What do you have? DROP IT!"

Tucked on my supplies cart in the living room I keep a squirt bottle. It is my way to gain attention when sudden selective hearing strikes the White Dogs or when someone gets a little over excited in playing with another. Usually just seeing me pick up the bottle brings a return to sensibility.

Zsofia needed a reminder squirt earlier in the day when she refused to stop "vulturing" poor Puff at the water dish (we have five of them throughout the house). She stopped but glared her unhappiness over being corrected.

Zso turned from where she had so casually been heading outside to reveal my water spritzer hanging by its handle from her mouth.

"Where do you think you are taking that?" I asked. She immediately dropped it, gave me the "What?" look and then scurried to complete her trip outside sans bottle.

White Dog looked at me. "Somehow I do not believe she was taking that out to spray the mint plants." "More likely," I responded, "it would have become 'disappeared' and I would have wondered what the heck had happened to it."


Random Felines said...

Not quite fast enough to hide the evidence :)

B.J. Herrick said...

OH...it must be the "full moon"!!! We found a mangled/empty Russell Stover chocolate carmel heart wrapper on the bedroom floor. The box was on top of a sofa table. When questioned "WHO did this" ChipChip is looking around "What What?" Miss Princess KeKe runs to the back door and presses her head against it...thinking "Uh-Oh..better get out of here"!! Yep FULL MOON!

Brian said...

Oh that's funny...and it almost worked!

24 Paws of Love said...

Smart girl! Maybe next time Zso. :)

meowmeowmans said...

Hee hee. Zsofia ... so close, but yet so far. :)