February 27, 2016

White Dog huffed her disapproval. "For dog's sake, momma, can't you make him STOP!" She was referring to Sachi who was chewing at his tail feathers with a vengeance and making noises that will certainly gain us an Adult rating if we ever film, White Dog Army,the movie.

I have been brushing the Little Man's coat, often twice a day. Steve said to White Dog, "I finished combing out his furs right before breakfast." But it did not seem to matter, Sachi was a pup possessed. Steve picked him up in his arms and parted his furs at several points looking at his skin. "I can't really tell if it is sand or what but he seems a little flaky."

Several White Dogs in the room could not resist a snort or agreement.

"Only one solution," I told them, "Let's plop him in the bath and see what washes out." Sachi loves baths...it is the after part where his drama queen shines through.

He cries as I towel him and struggles to get down. He shakes. He rubs against everything he can find. He throws himself to the floor to roll.

"But at least he is clean," WD said as she watched the 20 minutes of post bath fun. "Hopefully, he will stop with the puppy porn."

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The Daily Pip said...

Hope the bath helped! He looks quite happy with his big post bath smile!