February 29, 2016

White Dog said, "it would be so sad to be born a Leap Day baby. Imagine only celebrating every FOUR years." Always our optimist, Nilla shrugged and replied, "What if it was a HUGE major celebration every four years like birthdays and Christmas and Gotcha Day and Halloween and Easter all rolled into one. Then it might be worth the wait." "Besides," YoYoMa added, "Momma would NEVER let one of us go without celebrating THAT long."

Pearl was a little agitated and paced the hallway during this discussion. "Don't worry, sister," Sachi told her, "Momma will make sure you have a marvelous Birthday celebration."

Benson quietly said, "Maybe it is not that. Maybe she is thinking about all the pups and kitties born, especially this time of year, feral and without families to mark their arrival. Those babies will grow up and never even have a Birthday."

The White Dog Army fell silent and looked at him in shock. "No celebration?" He was joined by Puff sadly shaking their heads. "That is not right!"

"Momma, fix it!" Bella begged me. I thought of our rescue friends whose shelters were already being innudated with newborn kittens and abandoned not yet weaned pups. I gathered White Dog against me as I thought. She rested her face against mine.

All eyes watched as the White Dog Army waited.

After a bit, I looked at them. "We beleve in the power of being connected in the Universe, right?" I asked. All solemnly nodded so I continued. "What if we make today, Leap Day, We Celebrate You Day? We can make a huge birthday cake and share it and tell each creature we are glad they are alive and adding their uniqueness to this wonderful world. What if we write our thoughts on paper and send them off as smoke at sunset? What if we ask all our friends to add THEIR positive thoughts to ours? We can do that."

"And what if we remind people about the importance of spayting and neutering their pets, so that the only babies born are those wanted with loving homes and real birthdays? And what if we tell them about the overload of babies being abandoned and dumped and who need fosters and adoptive parents who will give THEM birthdays and celebrations? We can do that" White Dog added.

I looked up. There was already a team in the kitchen getting cake making materials in order. Another team joined Steve setting up the chiminea to send wishes later. White Dog and Nilla and Bella were waiting at the computer.

"Call it Leaping with Love and Celebration," White Dog directed...
Join us in a piece of cake to celebrate the birthdays not celebrated or remembered...be sure to send a wish and positive thought


Random Felines said...

those are great wishes....as someone who fosters, we often say we would like to be put out of business....maybe one day

meowmeowmans said...

What beautiful and meaningful wishes, sweet ones. We agree with Jeanne ... we'd be happy if one day there was no longer a need for rescues, shelters and foster families.

Hugs to you all.