March 1, 2016

White Dog woke me by excitedly jumping on the bed to announce, "They are wrong! March does NOT come in like a lion!" From the yard I heard most of the White Dog Army out in the yard with Steve...except for YoYoMa and Bella...the momma morning guardians who make sure I get an extra half hour of sleep. But White Dog's enthusiasm had even them peering over the edge of the bed.

"What do you mean, Sweet One?" I asked WD. Even this early I could tell the day was going to feature sky blue skies and perfect temperatures.

"Lions are not gentle and soft or invite you to sniff them," she explained. "But overnight something wonderful happened that IS all of those things." "What, Baby Girl?" "The flowering plum...look..." and she ran out for a moment to drag Steve back inside. "Show her," WD demanded of him.

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