March 10, 2016

White Dog came in, head hung low, and went into her private fortress. She did not respond to my call. Steve and the rest of the White Dog Army came in a bit later.

"What is wrong with the Queen?" I asked.

Steve explained that she had been witness to an incident that left her sad and needing some time away from the pack. "Oh?" I replied.

"You know how much she loves this time of year as the birds build nests ad lay eggs and baby birdies hatch." I nodded. "We were out cleaning up the yard and noticed a new nest high up in the tree by the corner of the perimeter wall. She was all wags and tried to see if there was any activity up there. It was quiet.

"WD saw Zsofia sniffing around the ground. Pearl, Opal and Sachi were with her. We walked over to find Zso chewing on tiny eggshell pieces like there would be if an egg had fallen or been taken from the nest. She looked all over but could not find a baby birdie.

"I tried to reason that maybe the shells fell out of the nest as the birdie was hatching and that she is safely way up there. White Dog did not buy it."

I gently called the Little White Dog of My Heart to me again and this time she came and crawled into my arms. "Sweet Girl, I know you fear that one of the cats in the neighborhood got that baby and that you are sad. Let us together ask the Universe to bless that little one with another chance and thank him for his life. We can do that for him."

White Dog slowly nodded agreement and then laid her face next to my ear. "But momma, what if that baby was eaten by one of my sisters or brothers? I could not bear that."

"Sweet love," I kissed her face. "Do not dwell on that. You know your Army is not mean and respects life. IF that was what happened, and it is only a remote possibility without any indication of being so, I am certain that it would have been done to put the a damaged or dying creature out of misery. Do not let your heart turn dark to your family. Nature is not always kind."

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meowmeowmans said...

Oh, this is so very sad. We, too, purr and pray that the Universe will bless that baby bird with another chance. Thank you for your kind and compassionate hearts, dear friends.