March 11, 2016

White Dog was waiting her turn for prebedtime walks. Steve had just taken Puff out to the yard and was harnessing Bella. Benson and Pearly paced as usual, trying to hurry the process. Steve stopped and took out his phone.

It was a Lobo alert, a neighborhood app that keeps him connected to our community. He quickly read it and unclasped Bella's harness. "Sorry everyone there has been a change in plans."

Thursday evening two hardened and violent criminals escaped while being transported. That evening police and emergency reinforcements shutdown several neighborhoods and major roads in their hunt for these men. We worried about a couple of friends, unable to get home, and were relieved to hear they had found sanctuary at the home of another friend. One of the felons was caught as a result of the manhunt.

This night word had gone out the criminal still at large had been seen in and around the University area where we live.

The Lobo (UNM's mascot) alert was a warning of the situation and a request from the Albuquerque police to please stay inside to avoid the risk of encountering the escapee who was now believed to be armed and dangerous. We could hear the police helicopters circling the area and noticed a hyped police presence driving down our usually quiet street.

The White Dog Army did not understand the change in plans. "Don't worry, dad," Benson told him, "WE will protect you." His sentiment was echoed by each of the Army.

I stepped in. "I want NONE of you at risk," I told them. "There are parts of your walk route that are dark and usually deserted. Normally that is OK but for tonight I am going to insist on safety and not taking unnecessary risks." They all grumbled but followed Steve out to the yard for their break and a little last minute play.

When they came in and settled down for the night I smiled taking note the the WDA was not in their typical sleep spots. Subtly they had arrayed themselves at the dog door, in the hallway, in the bathroom, the office and had surrounded the bed. "Don't worry, momma," WD reassured me, "we WILL protect you."

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Random Felines said...

Guardians from mail, ups and felons. Good dogs. :)