March 14, 2016

White Dog and the White Dog Army chose pie before hearing Puff's tale of adventure. To celebrate the once in a lifetime calendar occurrence, 3.14.16 (the first numbers of the mathematical ratio pi), we promised to bring home the round tasty version to share.

The WDA followed Steve and the bakery box into the kitchen; Puff sighed with exhaustion and settled on her mattress.

Steve divided the strawberry lattice top delight into wedges and put them into bowls. "What? No whipped cream?" he was challenged. He took another few minutes to whip some cream and put a dollop on each slice. "Happy now?" he asked. Tail wags emphatically said, "YES! Please serve it up."

He did and carried Puff's bowl to where she rested. In what seemed like 2 seconds the rest of the WDA joined us in the living room.

"Well sister," White Dog asked, "how cool did you look on a Harley?"

Puff spent the afternoon at a Paws To People photoshoot for our new awareness campaign about the nearly 400 diseases that afflict both humans and animals. She and Kris were partners on a Harley Davidson representing those who fight seizures and Epilepsy. Kris was dressed entirely in purple and looked stunning highlighted by Puff's white furs.  The photographer moved around them as they sat on the bike; she got several great shots that I saw as previews in the camera.

But it was a lot of activity and change of routine for our Little Old Lady. She fell asleep in my arms as we wrapped up the shoot and packed out of the motorcycle dealership.

The White Dogs roundly complimented her efforts and are excited to see the final shots. Puff, tummy full of pie, was happy to just rest her head against her paws and take a long, deep nap.


Random Felines said...

We know those pictures will be fabulous

NanĂ¼k said...

Heya Puff! SO glad a great time was had, bet you looked fab!