March 15, 2016

White Dog here. Today dad and I are writing the blog. Momma does not know it yet because it is very early and it is a surprise.

Today is momma's birthday. In a lot of ways it has been a year of challenges for her and we want to tell her how much we appreciate all she does. She is everything to us. Our heartbeat. Our wings. Our roots. We could not thrive without her.

We just want her to know that. Here are some of our favorite momma pictures, doing the things she does all the time.
Dad says we better stop before momma deletes her entire photo file upon discovery of this.  But the point is our momma is the best!

Happy Birthday, Momma. We know it is not always easy but we are ALWAYS by your side and are so grateful you are ours.

Siku, Puff, Yo, Bella, Sachi, Zsofia, Nilla, Benson, Opal, Pearl and all of the White Dogs over the Rainbow Bridge!

P.S. We KNOW California Storm is going to love you as much as we all do.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful momma!!

meowmeowmans said...

Happy birthday to your most wonderful Mom! We, too, think she is the best, and are so honored to call her our friend. Much love to her, and all of you, on this very special day.

Amber DaWeenie said...


Random Felines said...

we are a little late, but your momma is AMAZING!!! We hope she had a wonderful day.

Lynette said...

Beautiful pictures. Happy birthday!!! Hope she had a great day!

Brian said...

I know we told the Mom on Facebook, but Happy Belated Birthday to your most special and loving Mom from all of us!!!