March 18, 2016

White Dog turned nursing duties over to Benson so that she could ride with Steve to the pharmacy. "She is a tricky one," WD warned him. "You must watch her like a hawk or she will sneak into the office and try to ignore the advice of her health care professionals...us."

White Dog was, of course, referring to me in the throes of Sickies, Day 2. I started to protest but just rolled my eyes and huffed, like WD does to me.

Benson sat alertly in front of me, ready for conversation. "So my calm one. what do you say we go and check momma's emails?" He did not budge. I scooted forward on the chair and moved to unwrap myself from the blanket. "Wow! It is cold outside of blanketland." He smiled. "WOOF!" was his deep warning as I grabbed the chair arm and made to push upward to a standing position. "WOOF!"

I sat back down (truth be told I was a little lightheaded and my nose was dripping). Then I pulled the blanket back over me. "Satisfied?"

Benson moved to sit on the bottom edge of the blanket facing me again and smiling. "You are NOT going to let me get any work done, are you?" I asked.

He plopped to a laying position across my feet and wagged to be petted. "If I give you a belly rub, will you then let me up?" Ben rolled tighter against me, feet waving in the air, and offered his very furry tummy.

I rifled through his furs and scritched with my fingernails. He sighed in bliss. He would have had me continue forever, I think, except that hanging my head so low made my temples throb. "Sorry my love, just a short one for now."

He did not mind. Instead he wrapped his front paws around my leg to steady his upside down position...and that is where White Dog found him, day dreaming, when she and Steve returned.

"Good job," she complimented. "I see you managed to hold momma in place."


Brian said...

That is such a cute photo! We hope the all better has found you!

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Andy thinks he did a great job of Mommy guarding!