March 17, 2016

White Dog looked me up and down as I came out of the bedroom this morning. "Again?" she asked. I dropped into our chair and drew the blanket around me. "Momma, you REALLY have to go to sleep..."

She was interrupted by Nilla. "I think momma has the sickies," she said. WD sniffed my eyeballs and rested her paw on my cheek.

Then she sounded the Red Alert Alarm to the White Dog Army. Every pup came rushing to cluster around us. "You know, Little White Dog of My Heart, that did nothing to help my throbbing headache."

She nudged me and spoke over my head. "Momma has sickies today. Under NO circumstances is she to be left without a White Dog Nurse. Let's make sure she sleeps lots and drinks plenty of water. And we must make sure she doesn't try to do anything crazy that will distract her body from getting well again."

"Sweet One," I protested "I am just body achy and have a headache. I am not running a fever..." "Yes, you are," White Dog countered. Steve went for the thermometer. "OK, a slight one," I conceded.

"Trust us, dad, we will be sure momma rests and takes care," White Dog promised him. To the WDA, "You've got your orders!"

At that Zsofia laid across my feet. Yo flanked my left side; Nilla my right. Puff squeezed onto toes that escaped Zso. Benson and Opal blocked passage to the hallway. Pearl took window guard duty. I felt Bella's head pop out from under the chair to rest against my heels. Sachi paced until he found a spot on the edge of the blanket.

White Dog looked around from her spot next to me on the chair. "Now why don't you take a nap while dad makes a nice hot breakfast. I will wake you when it is ready."

I surrendered and put my head against the pillow we shared.

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Random Felines said...

such a good nursing staff you have there....feel better soon