March 29, 2016

White Dog sighed heavily for about the 20 billionth time. Zsofia dropped bee at my feet and when I did not respond picked it up and put it in my lap. Opal paced the doorway AGAIN and looked in. Even YoYoMa made a point to stroll into the office, give a serious look, and take a good long gulp of water before exiting.

"What the heck is she DOING?" I heard Pearl ask Sachi. "I don't know but she is intent on the numbers on her computer; has been for like a hundred hours."

"She's getting all the electronic receipts and donations together to take to the accountant to do the taxes," Bella told them. "My guess is she is going to be at it for a while...there are multiple screens open."

"Ohhhh," the White Dogs nodded understanding not the point but the process. "So we better keep ourselves busy."

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