March 30, 2016

White Dog sat in my arms. "I can't imagine that time when I will have to choose and send a new member of the White Dog Army from over the Rainbow Bridge. I am not sure how I would pick among all those who need a home and a momma like you." "Little White Dog of My Heart, you are young and healthy and while the future is always uncertain why would you fret over that now?" I asked.

"I believe it, momma, I do. That each of my brothers and sisters who have crossed have directed and guided new members to our door and into our hearts." I nodded and stroked her ears. "CA Stormer has not even been here a week and it is so very clear that Ferguson sent him to dad." I nodded again and tears welled in my eyes.

While Stormer has his own unique distinctive personality there are times it seems that Ferguson is whispering in his ear. Like Fergs, Stormer took absolutely no time to form an incredible bond with Steve. He follows Steve everywhere, if not on his legs, then with his eyes. And when they are apart Stormer sulks and waits. His instant devotion has helped pull Steve out of the pain he still feels over Ferguson's sudden passing.

Stormer is a lot more vocal in his conversations with Steve and the rest of the White Dog Army. At times all agree he is simply a grumpy old man. And where Ferguson would just go off and be alone, Stormer sits in the thick of things and voices an opinion. It is wonderful to see the delight in Steve's eyes as he tries not to laugh while telling Grumper that he cannot be a gatekeeper blocking passage to the kitchen and then growl at anyone who pushes past.

CA and Steve have developed a pre-bedtime walk habit where he and Storm walk alone...just the two of them. The premise now is that this is training time but I suspect it may become a regular ritual and part of our family's routine. And the rest of the WDA seems to understand.

Turmeric, probiotics, alenza, and a heavy emphasis on fish based proteins...not to mention our part of the country's drier climate seems to be working in CA Stormer's favor. His foster mom did a great job to slim him down (although we still have some way to go). All of these things combine to increase his energy level, reduce his arthritis, and build confidence...and Storm's progress gives Steve the confidence to put aside uncertainty and make hopeful plans for the two of them.


Random Felines said...

it shouldn't, but it still amazes us that even when we may not be sure, we get what we need.....

Brian said...

Y'all are the best Army in the whole wide world!

rottrover said...

I'm so pleased to learn of this new addition to the Army!!