March 7, 2016

White Dog even came into the bedroom following the popcorn smell. It wasn't an official movie night but we had eaten dinner early and a bedtime snack seemed in order while we did our regular nightly wind down with Puff.

Typically, every pup gets treats and Puff comes up on the bed to snuggle a bit and relax to drowsiness by watching an hour or so of television with us. Otherwise she paces and disturbs the others in their getting settled. We are currently following The Newsroom series which puts the White Dog Army to sleep in no time.

The WDA all got a sample of popcorn and then Steve and I settled on either side of our Little Old Lady to enjoy our treat and gently rub our girl's back. She was curled into a ball at our knees "in the zone."

Steve nestled the bowl of popcorn at our hips so that we could both access it as we enjoyed the show.

It is amazing that at 17 Puff can, when the desire overtakes her, move with confidence, stealth, and vigor. We did not see the ninja attack until she surfaced over the side of the bowl furthest from us, plunged her face deeply into the bowl...and chowed at a rate that indicated she KNEW her window of opportunity was small.

It could have been a bit longer but she broke stride to look incredulously at Steve, when laughingly he said to her, "Puff! WHAT are you doing?" Her look seemed to answer, "duh, Dad! I am eating popcorn!"

His smoochie response alerted a roomful of sleeping White Dogs who quickly looked up on the bed and immediately began complaining about the fact that Puff had gotten an unfair extra portion.


meowmeowmans said...

Very well done, Puff. Sounds like you got a nice big taste of some popcorn. :)

Gus said...

YAAAAY Puff. Around here we say "old age and experience beats youth and speed every time."


Random Felines said...

good job Puff....catch them not watching the popcorn bowl :)