March 8, 2016

White Dog was insistent that she needed to go on a car ride when Steve got home from work. She brought his keys over to him as he tried to change into "play" clothes. She sat in the hall and barked at his jacket. She stubbornly sat at the front door, waiting.

Steve took her out to the front yard and she ran over to the van and clawed at the door trying to get inside. He opened the sliding door and she hopped in. His thought was to then call her out and to come back inside.

After a few minutes he came in, alone. "I don't know what has gotten into her," he shrugged. "I'll take her for a little ride, it will make her happy and we will be right back. Can dinner wait?" "We are having leftovers so it is just a matter of rewarming. Go," I told him. The others barked "Where is SHE going?" as the van pulled down the drive.

The 'right back' turned into nearly half an hour but when White Dog burst into the house she was prancing and happy. All was great again. Then Steve came inside and the picture became clear.

"I felt silly and wasteful just driving around so I picked up dinner," he said as the White Dog Army rushed the sack he was carrying. "I hope Hunan is all right."

The WDA followed him out to the kitchen to help serve; WD hopped up and sat next to me.

"That sounds delicious, dear, and it is a nice treat. But I think you were played by a mastermind."


Random Felines said...

a dog with a plan....smart girl :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Car rides are sometimes like magic!