April 10, 2016

White Dog high-pawed YoYoMa. He looked a little startled and tilted his head. "Momma and dad are going up to Santa Fe to have lunch with Dawn and Nancy," she told him. "Woohoo!" He still looked puzzled so she hopped down and nudged him..."Nancy and Dawn, the Uber Masters of Treat Making! Fergielicious Treats? Get it?"

"What if they are just meeting for lunch. Just because they make treats doesn't..." "Don't go ANY further, bro! Think! We are out of those wondrous special treats AND they are meeting for lunch. Methinks a restocking order is coming in for a landing at White Dog Ranch!"

"But we just got that huge bucket of Pumpkin Treats yesterday," Yo refused to surrender.

"So it is raining good fortune at White Dog Ranch," WD countered. "Paradise just got better, you will see."

White Dog's confident expectation made me keep quiet as we kissed the Army, let them know WD was in charge, and promised to be home before dark.

Steve and I had a lovely lunch and visit with our friends and it wasn't until our nearly three-hour meal was breaking up that Nancy said, "Don't let me forget the treats in the car for the Army." Steve chuckled. "You don't know how excited most will be...of course, White Dog is expecting them!"

We placed the grocery bag in the way back of the van.

The Army was in the window when we pulled in the drive. Bella and Pearl recounted play-by-play for the others our parking, Steve walking around the vehicle, my opening the passenger door...wait! Dad is opening the hatch!

Suddnely Benson, Zsofia and Sachi also peered out.

He's taking out a bag...helping momma up the stairs...unlocking the front door. OMD! One more door...THEY'RE HOME!

White Dog was calmly reclining on the arm of the momma chair. She looked down at YoYoMa who was enthusiastically rubbing against my legs in greeting. "TOLD YA!"


Random Felines said...

that is one smart White Dog hahaha

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Isn't it amazing that dogs know when treats come into the house!