April 11, 2016

White Dog suggested that Pearl might be a perfect candidate for agility training. "Don't you think we need to do a bit more work on the basics like 'come' and being comfortable being touched first," I asked. She agreed that her sister might not have a big enough anciliary skill set quite yet but she nodded toward the windows. "She already has the physical ability and the will."

Between the two watching chairs at the front window a 10-inch square heavy chest sits in a wrought iron framework that lifts it to a height of about 34." We use it as an endtable.

Pearl can leap to the top of the table from a standing position straight up and land as nimbly as a pronghorn antelope. She is graceful and confident and often moves from the leap directly into the frenzy that accompanies the White Dog Army's Song to the Mailman. Long ago, I stopped worrying about her sliding off or momentum carrying her over the edge. She never misses.

And once the excitement is past, our athletic girl, Pearl can curl up into a tight ball and sleep on the tiny mesa. She sleeps deeply without fear, apparently, of falling.

White Dog may be on to something. I can clearly imagine in the not too distant future our long legged girl flyng across an agility course with elan and precision at Steve's proud direction. She is after all, his Velcro Girl.


The Daily Pip said...

Pearl sounds very talented and agile indeed!

Random Felines said...

plus we have heard it can be a great confidence builder

meowmeowmans said...

That's such a great suggestion, White Dog! We bet Pearl will take well to agility training!