April 12, 2016

White Dog called the White Dog Army into a huddle this morning. In the background Steve was in the shower, steam billowing from the room. He was coughing, clearing his throat and was very nose congested.

"Dad has the sickies," she told her pack, "but you probably know that from the sounds he is making and the number of used tissues piled everywhere." Tags jangled as they nodded their agreement.

"And now is seems like momma is getting sickies, too." She announced. "You know I can hear you, and I am NOT getting sick!" I responded down the hall. "Yes you are. I sniffed your eyeballs before you were even awake and you were starting to get a little congested." She argued. "Am not; it is just allergies." "Famous last words!"

Steve REALLY was working up a full blown head and chest cold. He sounded awful in the night and woke up to medicate himself. Of course, this was one of his many late teaching nights.

"What happens if the show can't go on?" I asked him. I know that protocol is that department heads cover for instructors but who covers for the heads? "I would have to cancel class and make it up the final extra week," he replied. WD pushed his phone toward him.

"I will try to take a nap with you all after breakfast and then if things get bad at school, I will dismiss everyone early." "No you won't," White Dog muttered low enough so only I could hear. She and I both knew that if he dragged himself there, which he would, he would see class through.

Sure enough. We had hot noodles and broth waiting and the WDA kept walkies to a minimum. Even at that Steve came back panting and sweating. The Army wasted no time eating nite-nite treats and then woofed for him to turn off the light.

Zsofia had moved the tissue box to his side of the bed. Just as Steve was about to throw the switch, WD came back into the room. "Before you sleep, take something to cut the congestion so you are not awake coughing until all hours." It was good advice. Every one followed him to the bathroom and watched him open the medicine cabinet. He took aspirin and benedryl then was escorted back to bed.

Several times during the night I heard various of the White Dogs come up to the bed and listen to Steve. Bella put her paws up and peered over the top before returning to her bed.

At first light when Steve awoke madly coughing and dressed to take Puff out, the entire WDA escorted him out with her and then back into the office.

"Don't worry, dad," Stormer told him, "We will take care of you all day."


FiveSibesMom said...

Feel better, Hu-dad! With all those wonderful furry WDA nurses you have, we're sure you'll be feeling good in no time!

Random Felines said...

poor Steve...but at least he has a great nursing staff

NanĂ¼k said...

Pounce on em Sachi!