April 14, 2016

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army claimed to be nursing me through my current cold sickies but it very soon began to feel they were my wardens in keeping me from doing anything on my to do list.

I had to pass a barrage of questions each time I sat up or leaned forward to stand. "Where are you going?" "Why?" "Can't it wait until you are feeling better?" "Why don't you rest another 15 minutes and then we will think about it again?" In case I had a notion to jump up and run...someone was always on blanket bottom sitting duty and White Dog was at my shoulder...and then there was the doorway gatekeepers who sprawled across so that I would have to leap to get past them.

By late afternoon I was getting a bit stir crazy. I begged for some time at the computer, and to post a blog. White Dog agreed to a blog post and limited time checking mail and such. And followed me in (where Bella, Nilla and Opal already waited) to make sure her edict was strictly followed.

"Everyone knows you have sickies and should be in bed so let's keep the blog post short and sweet," she suggested. "In other words, just post a favorite photo of you, Little White Dog of My Heart?" "Exactly!" "Can I choose or do you have one already in mind?" "You can pick as long as it takes less than 5 minutes," I was told.

always there, if not by my side, then waiting...
It would have been easier without WD humming the Jeopardy! song but here it is, chosen with nearly 7 seconds to spare...and now I am being returned to rest by my captors , I mean caregivers.


Random Felines said...

geez....that nursing crew is STRICT MOL

meowmeowmans said...

Those are some terrific (but tough) caregivers. Cute picture!

Get well soon, Mom Sue. Hugs, purrs and prayers on their way!