April 15, 2016

White Dog was still laughing at breakfast time. "You should have seen your face, momma, when Benson came out dripping wet from his bath and jumped up to lay on top of you!"

It has been a rough night staying asleep as my decongestant wore off in the wee hours. Bella and Nilla talked me into taking a second dose to finish off the night in peace. It worked and I slept soundly past Steve's getting up, putting Puff in her Oxygen kennel and taking the others into the yard to take care of business as he cleaned up.

They peeked in on me, I am told, and decided to let me rest a bit longer than usual. Steve thought it a great time to finally give Mr. Benson the bath our rolling boy so needed. Surprisingly, I am told he enjoyed the session thoroughly and all went well...until Steve turned too far to grab his towels...and Benson made an escape from the bathroom.

Ben was so proud of his new look and excitedly wanted my approval; he jumped right up on the bed and stood straddling me...as he shook.

Steve came in and handed me the towel as I swung my legs over the edge and sat up. Benson leaned into me and patiently waited as I dried him off and then wrapped him in a dry wrap. We cuddled together for a while on the bed...everything was already wet...and his kisses woke me up a little more gently than his landing.


Gus said...

Awww..that is such a great photo of love and trust. Thank you.

Random Felines said...

No need for coffee :)

24 Paws of Love said...

What great wake up!