April 21, 2016

White Dog chuckled and suggested that maybe we either feed Puff more or get her glasses. The Queen was watching me struggle as I held our matriarch and tried to extract the leather thong of my bracelet from her mouth.

Some of the White Dogs are not always understanding about our Little Old Lady's thoroughness in crunching up ad chewing her treats. Sachi, in particular, takes great delight in diving in and stealing the chunks she drops before she has the opportunity to do her own cleanup. For that reason she is closely supervised or is held during treat time...to make sure she actually gets to enjoy ALL of her cookie.

On my right wrist I wear two talismans; visual reminders for when I falter. A leather bracelet with a silver clasp that reads, "Be Brave," and a simple stamped plate with a leather tie that in faded letters says, "She believed she could so she did." I never remove either.

Puff had finished her peanut butter cookie, even the tiny pieces I gathered together and held out to her in my palm. The problem was SHE did not believe that there was no more. A quick bob of her head to grab for more was misdirected and my leather bracelet thong was quickly in her mouth...and she was not letting go.

I twisted my arm hoping she would let go but those days spent nearly feral taught her well how to hold on during a struggle. As I turned so did she and she backed up her head drawing the cord tight. I attempted to pry open her lower jaw gently but I stopped because I did not want to damage my fragile old girl.

She won the battle...bit clean through the leather in two places. My bracelet fell to my lap and Puff quickly locked the small piece of strap in her steel trap jaws. She would not surrender the leather even for another treat and looked at me contentedly munching as I tried to negotiate with her. And then it was swallowed. "I hope it does not cause digestive problems," I moaned to Steve. "That is Puff, she will be fine and we will watch her to make sure," he reassured me.

Sated, Puff struggled to get down from my lap. Fortunately, I had another piece that would replace the leather tie; it was cloth cording but it would would work so that I could quickly return the bracelet to my naked feeling wrist.

After note: The leather passed through Puff safely.

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Brian said...

WOW Puff! I'm glad everything came out alright!