April 22, 2016

White Dog thinks maybe she should begin her History of The White Dog Army tome. "Really, momma, every single day is filled with drama, insight, interacton. I bet it would be volumes before the story is fully told."

I reminded The Little White Dog of My Heart that these posts are pretty much the tales of her life and, consequently, the history of the WDA. After all, 3937 entries into our "journal" is a lot of road covered.

"But look at the whole Stormer and Puff thing that has been going on for days now," she said, "that is not recorded anywhere." "Well, now is the opportunity. Tell the 'She's Looking At Me' story."

Puff is our Little Old Lady who has earned the right to kind of play by her own rules. She is mild, non-threatening, and is accepting of just about everything. The worst the others can expect is that maybe she will totter over and land on them...but she is light as a feather and is tolerant of the resulting complaints.

C.A. Stormer is our newest boy. He is no spring chicken at 15 years and is arthritic and is missing an eye. He is still kind of a quirky old guy trying to find his place. His bed is in the office across from my desk and he spends much of his time stretched out there keeping me company.

Puff will wander in when she gets lonely and seek to join us. Stormer is accepting of the Matriarch crashing down next to him and cuddling against him; in fact he seems to like it and he presses back against her...

...as long as they do not make eye contact.

If their positions are such that Stormer can see Puff watching him he gets nervous and worries out loud at her. She generally ignores him but he can get agitated enough at being "looked at" that he air snaps.

All it takes is a simple turning away by Puff or a suggestion from momma that Stormer should just turn around (which he does by getting up and resettling) to make things peaceful again.

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meowmeowmans said...

We've heard of "look, but don't touch," but this sounds like just the opposite. We love that Momma knows just how to bring peace to the situation. :)