April 24, 2016

White Dog climbed up and sat with me as Steve carried in the grocery bags and lined them up in the kitchen. The rest of the White Dog Army, including Puff, headed out to mill around, protect them, and eventually supervise the unpacking.

As usual, they took the opportunity while Steve was still unloading the car to bury snooters deep into the bags in a preview of what would be on the coming week's menu.  Zsofia and Stormer are the boldest and think nothing of diving deep into the bags.

The others cluster around and nose the bags in kind of a team effort. White Dog and I watch, prepared with "Leave IT!" on our tongues just in case the inspection gets a little too intimate.

We were nearing that point as Steve carried in the last items from our errands but the groceries themselves sent out a warning.

All heads were down in the bags, Zso was beginning to sort through one bag with her nose and paw when there was a loud "POP!" and every pup jumped back. Poor Opal and Benson were so startled they fled the room...we heard the dog door slam.

Steve rushed over and grabbed the bag Zso had been inspecting. He looked inside and began to laugh...

...a friend had shared a recipe for her famous chicken ranch calzone and we had shopped for the ingredients to try it. At Lisa's suggestion to make the prep quicker we had picked up one of those cans of refrigerated pizza dough...

...a change in temperature or pressure had caused the can to explode open all over the groceries.

When Zsofia saw the gooey mess she became braver and growled her displeasure at being blindsided. And then all of the WDA wanted a taste.

"I think not," Steve told them. White Dog and I giggled in the living room.


Random Felines said...

Dang....fear of groceries. :)

Sally Ann and Andy said...

I see what happened now. Perhaps, the inspectioners will be more careful upon the next inspection.