April 23, 2016

White Dog was waiting at the door while Steve gathered the tote bag and went through his mental checklist. This was our first visit of the year to our Growers' Market! She did not want to miss a single smell or fresh opportunity.

The Market actually opened last weekend amid much hoopla, which we try to avoid, so we were hyped and ready for the morning's outing. An outing which all 11 of the White Dog Army would have dearly loved to partake in; the plan is that the pups rotate every Saturday so each gets the chance for a "Dad and Me" early morning adventure.

And an adventure it is. we never know ahead of time what produce will be available nor what will catch our eye so it is a matter of shopping smart and being able to plan on the fly. We enjoy the challenge of creating menus around what we find freshest and most appealing.

I stayed home with the rest of the White Dog Army but could clearly picture Steve being dragged along the park paths lined with vendors. I knew that they would stop from the exquisite Burque Bakehouse for a scone to share (they did; their choice was a cardamom one with caramel icing). My mouth watered and I dared not mention this perk to the others.

The shoppers returned with a tote full of treasures...baby spinach grown in a local greenhouse hydroponically ...tiny grape tomatoes...young crisp carrots...fresh goat cheese with honey...a crunchy thin as a rail baguette...Italian parsley and Thai basil...and a stunning apple tatin.

The WDA looked at each other and pawed high-fives all around. They knew dinner for them would include an incredible salad topping their usual fish and barley with vegetables.

Nilla nearly swooned as Steve later prepared their extra special meal and topped each bowl with a toasted baguette round smeared with the sweet goat cheese. White Dog held her kudos until she heard cream being whipped AFTER the meal to dollop on the tatin.

Already YoYoMa, next up in rotation, is planning his trip next week.