April 7, 2016

White Dog shook her head. "I am glad I was an only child when I was a pup," she said with a tone of sympathy for her sister, Zsofia, who was lying sprawled in front of our chair staring dejectedly off into space.

Yesterday, moving some things around, I discovered a goofy softball sized squeaky covered in fur to look like a Fox Face. It was a toy Zso got in her first months with us and somehow, at some point, it found its way under a cart in the office. She was overjoyed when I handed it to her and has not stopped carrying it around since.

She could not wait until I entered the living room this morning and sat down. Immediately her face was in my lap and she dropped Fox Ball...clearly an invitation to play. I took the ball and carefully charted a path that would not bump into any of the others and bowled the ball down the hallway. She scampered after it.

As she returned it we worked on "Give It" meaning put it in my hands not just retrieve it and tease. We played several rounds before she returned and dropped it at my feet. "Give It" resulted in her spinning the ball so that it rolled under the chair...

Into the domain of Bella. Bella long ago claimed the area under the momma chair as her special lair and no one has ever challenged that claim. If by accident one of the White Dog Army crosses the neutral zone, they are reminded by Bella's warning growl that they are on the verge of trespass.

When the ball rolled under the chair, Zso dropped and stuck her snooter and a paw under the chair trying to get her toy. She was meet with a barrage of harsh words that caused her to quickly back out and just peer under.

She whined as she waited a respectful distance and seemed to hope that Bella would send the ball back out. There was no response. Zsofia looked at me. "Sorry, Sweetie, momma cannot get down on her knees to get it." She surrendered herself to the loss and lay staring.

Then Steve entered the room and was greeted by her mournful song. He clambered to the floor and flattened himself out to see under. He reached as far as he could. Then he used the flashlight on his cell phone. "Bella has it now Zso," he told her. "She has moved it all the way to the back and is lying on it." Zsofia blew air through her cheeks, got up...we heard the dog door slam.

Just before Steve left for school this afternoon I noticed Zsofia once again was carrying Fox Ball in her mouth. I raised an eyebrow at him. "I waited until Bella was singing to the UPS guy," he explained, "and used the broom. I could not bear the sad look on Zsofia's face any more."

Zso was now one happy girl, not about to let the toy go for any reason...and Bella I don't think really much cared.


Brian said...

Hey silly Zsofia, don't pout sweetie, all will be okay with the toy!

Random Felines said...

Hard to be the baby and have your toys disappear. Daiquiri can relate :)