May 13, 2016

White Dog remembers when we first began posting in this community (3959 posts ago) how different things were. People were generally not mentioned and photos often obscured the faces of the two-leggeds to just focus on the furred one. People were only mentioned as ancillaries, a means necessary to move the dog story forward.

Somewhere in the ensuing 11 years, our community has changed. We have embraced the idea of family. That no one of us is without connections to others, human guardians, extended relationships, a network of complex interactions that are vital if we are to tell the REAL stories of who we are. Faces have come out of shadows and we have leaned that what happens involves us all.

And most wondrously, we have embraced each other's entire families because how could we care about White Dog without carrying about her momma? Their stories are woven as one. And so are we all. We are invested in the good times, the accomplishments, the victories of each member's family. We suffer the illness and add our strengths during times of need. We ache and cry together at catastrophe and suffering and loss. We support...we care...we have come to love each other and all those parts that mark our journey.

This family, our blog community, has shown amazing care in helping its fellows walk journeys too unbearable to go alone, have made possible medical treatments, and provide shelter and hope. Maybe it is because we follow the lead of the four-leggeds that we rise as an example of just how people, communities, ought to remember old fashioned dog values like loyalty, compassion, pack perseverance, and unconditional love.

Whatever the reason, White Dog and I want to say "thank you." We are grateful for the positive energy generated here and for the fact that no matter what, the White Dog Army is confident, this group will be present and full at heart in its care and love.

Whoever coined the phrase, "Dog eat dog world" surely has never ever been to our world.


Brian said...

Y'all really, really, really are very special!

Random Felines said...

Truly special friends we have made

Honest2goodness said...

You will always be my family..no matter where I go the White Dog Army will always be a special part of my life..I love you all.

meowmeowmans said...

You are very special to us, dear friends. Thank you for sharing in our lives, and sharing yours with us. :) Love to you all!