May 14, 2016

White Dog smiled as Benson left for HIS turn with Steve shopping at the Growers’ Market. “No worries,” she told me, “He was up early this morning checking online to find out what is best in fresh New Mexico this week. Ben is heading off with a plan; you know how I love that.” Quietly I hoped Benson would remember to look up from his mission to have fun and be a bit spontaneous…he and Steve both needed it.

They were gone a bit longer than normal and I was starting to worry that Steve would be late for class. But they come in with smiles and tail wagging…and LOTS of packages.

We smelled the lavender the minute they walked through the door. “Not just a pretty flower, momma,” Benson explained. “You can use it for cooking! The lady gave dad a recipe for lavender pancakes you eat with honey.” The White Dogs drew closer.

Asparagus grown in a community garden…fat purple onions…thumb-sized Brussels sprouts…and early baby spinach were pulled from totes. “Look!” Nilla exclaimed, “fresh cantaloupe and plum jam!” “Dad and I thought the fruit would be perfect with momma’s buttery jammie cookies for dessert.”

Steve handed me two brown bags. “Open the heavier one first.” I reached in and drew out local gorgonzola, a creamy goat milk brie from Taos, and a mushroom encrusted pecorino. “I thought cheese and bread with a salad for dinner,” he said. “Easy and we all will love it.”

I looked at the other bag. “That is for now.” He said. “Benson and I enjoyed blood orange scones smeared with strawberry chutney as we strolled looking for the items Ben had in mind. But he wanted to bring home something to share.” I opened the bag with the help of lots of White Dog noses. Inside were three delectable croissant…one was my favorite, filled with almond paste. All stopped as Steve ran into the kitchen to cut the buns into pieces and return.

The special fun was that we had delayed the Coffee Club until the boys returned. We all felt VERY French with our bites of croissant and coffee…he argued but finally Benson ate one of the pieces and enjoyed a gulp of coffee just to be part of the party.

“Truly I thought I would NEVER get Benson to leave,” Steve said by way of an explanation about their long shop. He wanted to see EVERYTHING first before we made up our mind…you know, kind of comparison shop and finalize his list. He was quite a charming pro.”


meowmeowmans said...

Wowee! That Benson is quite the connoisseur! Who knew? :)

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