May 19, 2016

White Dog was still asleep. So were all of the White Dog Army except Sachi. It was so early the stars were still out and the sounds of birds awakening and traffic were just beginning to build.

Sachi climbed over our legs and made his way to stand on Steve's chest. He began to lick Steve's face as he excitedly whimpered, "WAKE UP! Isn't anyone going to wish me a happy Gotcha Day?"

Steve struggled from sleep. "What?" "It is my Gotcha Day and you all are STILL sleeping. I am going to go tell the others." Steve grabbed his devoted sidekick in a hug. "Happy Gotcha Day, Sachi! I am so happy we can celebrate this very special day with you but lets (he glanced over his shoulder at the clock) wait until at least 5 am before we start the party. For now you can cuddle with me and momma, She will tell you The Story of how she and Oso found you and brought you to us."

Steve wrapped his arm around Sachi who snuggled against him and then he went back to sleep. Sachi The Dauntless One looked at me intensely. "Well?"

"Baby Boy, Oso knew he was fading from this world and wanted to have a paw in choosing who would come home in his honor. Dementia is a terrible thing but he worked hard to stay focused as we looked for weeks...Oso stared at photos and heard stories. When he saw your photo and learned about you, he knew in his heart that YOU were the ONE. He hoped he would still be with us to greet you himself, but sadly, he passed just two weeks before you got here.

"Dad and I pondered how best to bring you to us from California (and the stars or maybe Angel Oso arranged it). We found Adrienne a rescue transporter here in town who said she would get you. Sweet Boy you were the luckiest pup for Adrienne did not wait for other pups needing help get places, she jumped in her truck and drove almost straight through to California to get you; then she drove straight back to bring you to us. Just for you.
"We had been told you were a sickly boy with scarring in your throat and difficulty breathing as a result of two unsuccessful debarking surgeries. Oso thought you would benefit from using Puff's oxygen kennel and knew we had lots of experience with breathing stuff. You have not needed much help, really.
"What we have learned from you is how to deal with an ankle-biter who also nips flanks...and marks things in the house...and who is mostly regally remorseless. But we have more importantly learned that you are a fierce guardian of our home...dad's devoted companion...a love bug at heart...loyal and true.
"You took the Sibe puppy who joined our family under your wing and played and wrestled and taught her how to be a White Dog...and Zsofia, even though she now towers over you, still looks to you as her playmate and best friend.

"The White Dog Army would simply be missing an important element without you, my studly Little man."
In the other room we both heard the musical alert of Steve's phone announcing time for getting up. Sachi was off the bed in a shot barking to all in the house, "Time to Wake Up! Come ON! It is my Gotcha Day! Let the celebrating begin!"


24 Paws of Love said...

And celebrate you shall! For all the horrors of your past are gone and you are founded in the WDA. No better place to be!

Happy Gotcha Day Sachi because you are definitely gotten. :)

Random Felines said...

Happy Gotcha Day Sachi!!! Purrs and kisses for many more

NanĂ¼k said...

Happy day Sachi dude!!!!

Nuk & Family

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Happy Gotcha Day!

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, Sachi, you certainly do have a lot to celebrate, sweet boy! Happy Gotcha Day! You found the most perfect home and family, for sure. :)