May 25, 2016

White Dog and the White Dog Army are not nearly photographed as often as many of our friends and followers. yhis Army's momma is not a photographer and is even less adroit with smart phones and such. So when a friend challenged me to show in just one photo what makes me a happy and proud dog parent, I was intrigued and fearful that I had not enough choices.

This is the single photo I chose. Not what I originally had in my head but a moment captured that shows the interactive togetherness that fills my day...and my heart.
On Wordless Wednesday, I offer the same challenge to my blog friends but am expanding the parameters a bit. In five photos or less, post and share the things that make you a proud and happy paw-rent. All day after making my initial choice I found myself wondering if I should have shown the others of the many aspects of my furbabies that makes me a proud momma...

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