May 26, 2016

White Dog openly laughed at Zsofia's claim that she has "in the womb" memories of knowing her future would lie in a family of White Dogs and that she would be part of this White Dog Army. "But I do remember," Zso wailed. "As far back as my brain goes I KNEW I would be here."

I gave White Dog a momma look and said to Zsofia, "You are here now, THAT is what matters and will be with us forever. In a very short couple of weeks we will celebrate the day you were born and you will be two years old. We will have a party to remember then AND when you came to be with us."

"I DO have a photo of you with your birth siblings. Let's make that our Throwback Thursday Photo. OK?"

White Dog nodded her approval in the interest of placating her baby sister and Zso stuck her head under my arm as we opened electronic folders to find it.

Here it is...
The not yet Zsofia is on the bottom.


Gus said...

Remember that Zsoie comes from a culture that has strong relationships to the spirit world. Or perhaps her momma had heard of the great honor that was coming to this pup and told her about it in whispers at night?

Random Felines said...

out of the mouths of babes....haha