May 3, 2016

White Dog ALMOST did not want to join us for a ride. She knew it was time for her Wellness Checkup with Dr. Julia. Ever since she was a pup, the Little White Dog of My Heart has been very nervous about vet visits. It is odd since with the exception of her spay, she has never really had any major issues and is always treated like the Celebrity Queen she is. But the lure of a ride and alone time with Steve and I brought out the stoic girl I love and she scampered out of the door.

Margaret ushered us right away into the exam room so White Dog would not have to stress over the other activity in the waiting room. WD trembled as she was carried to the back for her heart worm test but was quickly returned and placed in my arms.

Dr. Julia came in a short time later. She dismissed Margaret and let Steve hold our girl on the exam table so that WD would feel more comfortable. The exam did not take long.

"She looks great!" Not used to the blush of good health, I questioned , "Really? Her Back impingement?" "No worse and seems like she is pain managed and using her limbs with no problem. Next time she will probably need an easy dental but this baby is absolutely fine." White Dog gave me the "See, we did not need to even come today" look.

"Well, you are the only vet partner we have ever had since White Dog was 8 weeks old. Her health is the success of all of us." White Dog grudgingly wagged her tail in agreement.

"Bye Siku, I don't expect to see you until this time next year. Unless, of course you just want to stop by and hang out," Dr. Julia told her as we wheeled toward the door.


Random Felines said...

no thanks....no hanging out MOL

meowmeowmans said...

Something tells us Siku Marie kindly declined Dr. Julia's offer. :)

The Florida Furkids said...

HAHAHA...yeah...right..."hanging out" at the STABBY PLACE! We're sure Siku Marie has NO desire to do THAT!

The Florida Furkids