May 4, 2016

White Dog bent closer to look at Puff's thigh. Yep, it was definitely a lump. A BIG one. It wasn't there two days ago, I called Steve over to see. Puff patiently was cradled in my arms.

Puff at 18 is our hospice girl. Even when younger she was too damaged from heart worms to be a good candidate for anesthesia and surgeries or other "put her out" procedures. She has had slowly growing mammary tumors that our vet helps us treat noninvasively with mushroom compounds and other dietary and holistic options; and it has worked for many months. Puff has an incredible spirit and will to live. She will not surrender easily. These are the thoughts that pass through my head every time something goes awry with her.

I have promised her that we will respect her wishes as long as she wants to let the process of life wind down naturally but I have also been clear that I will not stand by and let her suffer. When THAT time comes, she and I will have a different discussion.

But the lump was a puzzlement. I go over our Little Old Lady's body every single day to groom and keep watch over her. It came out of no where on a leg that was getting weak but that shows no signs of pain. The lump does not seem to be painful nor is it odd in color or character. It is a hard golf ball on her right rear leg.

Dr. Julia was not in today. We picked up the phone as soon as we finished our assessment. But tomorrow Puff will go see our guide and advisor. At the very least I hope to come away with an understanding and a strategy. White Dog and the rest of the Army, like Steve, are hoping it is some fixable reversible oddity.

Puff says let us just not worry about it until tomorrow when we have more information. I am not in pain and there is nothing we can really do...White Dog whispers over Puff's back, "Yes, there is. We can ask for the Universe to be kind and for the healing energies of our friends."


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am asking the Universe- to send you everything you need,,, to get through every day!

Gus said...

Prayers that Dr. Julia has more miracles in her mighty pouch

Gus and Teka

NanĂ¼k said...

Many prayers furiends,

Nuk & family

Random Felines said...

we got our paws crossed it isn't anything serious.....