May 6, 2016

White Dog was mad. And Opal was giving her sass. And poor Nilla, my office manager was trying to diffuse the situation as I entered the room. "What is going on?" I asked but quickly figured things out as I surveyed the scene.

White Dog stood blocking the office door demanding that her bold sister return what was rightfully hers to where it belonged.

Opal stood behind my desk chair with the object of her obsession trying to bluff her way out of being caught.

Nilla was the barrier between them. She looked at me gratefully as I took my chair. I hushed White Dog and asked her to sit as I turned to Opal.

"I kind of see a problem here, my girl," I told her. "Well, really, two." WD looked at me. Opal knew but volunteered nothing. "That seems to be White Dog's dog couch that you are dragging from its place in the closet. It is not yours and was where WD has her bedroom set up. I am sure she would not mind if you wanted to rest there but I can understand that she might not want you to take it away."

I gently took the little couch from under Opal's paw. "I think this will need to go back where it was." Opal tried to keep her dignity as she hurried from the room but White Dog hip checked her as the shy girl passed the leader.

"THAT was not very nice," I said.

"You said there were TWO problems," White Dog pressed me. Nilla feared what was coming and she moved to stand at the far side of my chair. "You didn't even yell at her about the second thing. What is it?

I showed her the place where the couch seat turned to become the back. A hole had been chewed. White Dog started fuming. "Hold on, Little White Dog of My Heart, I believe I can mend this." "MEND it! Now it is ruined. Everypup always takes my stuff and breaks it or chews it..." "WD, stop! you sound like a spoiled brat. I said I will fix it or we will get a new one if you are so offended...

"This is why I did not bring it up in front of Opal. She does not understand. YOU grew up always having not only everything you needed but every luxury conceivable. Until 3 months ago, Opal lived in an overcrowded wire rabbit hutch without so much as a blanket or bowl of her own. This is a whole lot for her to assimilate. Be forgiving and she will learn in time. For now, we will put your couch back and tonight I will get out the sewing kit and fix things. If you are still not happy then we will shop for a new one. All right?"

White Dog knew I was right and she was embarrassed at her display of entitlement. She leaned against me and looked up. "I understand that it is an adjustment for you, too, Sweet Girl. All will be right. I love you." She sighed deeply.

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meowmeowmans said...

What a great lesson for us all. Siku Marie, we, too, understand how much of an adjustment this is for all of you. The thing is, we know that with the WDA, love always prevails. Hugs to you all.