May 7, 2016

White Dog watched Nilla get so excited her legs shook. "You think she will be able to handle this?" she asked me ready to step in should my answer be doubt.

It was Nilla's Saturday to attend the Growers' Market with Steve. She had never been to the market before. Truth be told, Nilla had few opportunities in her previous life to go anywhere. Each chance now to go to the park...or the outdoor bazaar...is a thrilling experience.

Steve commented later that each of the White Dog Army having their own day to go shopping is a learning experience for him. "Each has a different style, wants to see different things, and takes it all in differently. The common thing is that all of them love being out and they behave perfectly. Of course, they always get attention and notice."

For the secret shoppers' breakfast, Nilla and Steve shared not a sweet but a mozzarella basil tart which our older girl insisted on eating while sitting in the grass listening to the folk band. As soon as they finished and rested for a bit, Nilla suggested they gather their bags and hurry home so we could "all see" the treasures they found.

At the market Nilla had been very interested in the bushels of vegetables and earthy smelling things. The team's purchases reflected that...lemongrass...ginger...fresh mushrooms... baby beets...spring endive...radishes...and strawberries. Steve unwrapped a wedge of honey clover Gouda  and pulled a dense loaf of Nativo Wheat bread from another bag. The entire White Dog Army pushed and shoved for position in the kitchen as Nilla nosed forward the final bag...a pint container of cheddar curds...treats to share. "Who wants a tasting snack?" Steve asked. Not one of us said no.

The best part for me (besides the wonderful menu ideas conjured) was the smile on Nilla Vanilla's face. She was radiant...enjoyed her sample...and then settled in for a long nap.

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Random Felines said...

we are sure she had a wonderful time :)