May 8, 2016

White Dog leaped into my arms. "Happy Momma's Day," she said nuzzling against me. I held her tight and kissed her back. She gave up her spot so that the others could in their own ways give me wishes and cuddles.

"Sweet Babies," I told them, "a momma could never dream that she would be blessed with so many treasures as I have been. You make my heart sing and I am so proud of each of you. Your love fills my heart."

I looked around at the assembled Army. "I want to recognize the members of our family who have been mothers as well. And the harsh realities and environments that each of you went through as puppy mill breeders. You are heroes in what you endured. Puff, Bella, Opal, Pearl, motherhood to each of you means something entirely different than the celebrations you will see every where today.

"You and thousands of breeder dogs never get the opportunity to cuddle your babies or teach them or watch them grow. They are taken from you much too soon. You and thousands of other mothers of this type are poorly cared for, receive little or no vet care, are given barely food enough to survive and are kept in horrible conditions fraught with fearful uncertainty.

"Opal and Pearl both nearly died from pregnancies gone wrong for lack of vet care and treatment. You are alive today because a rescue found you in time.All of you have been scarred from being used as breeding machines producing litter after litter until your use runs out...my heart aches for what that must have been like for you.

"So on this day, I promise to remember and remind others of the 'moms' not mothers by choice and the far-reaching tragic ripples that result. Puppy Mill Breeding and the profit that drives it must be stopped...this momma asks every mom to agree."

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Random Felines said...

We agree....those moms deserve better