June 12, 2016

White Dog called it "Dad's Last Day of Freedom" and all of the White Dog Army insisted on clinging to Steve as if their collective floof would shield him from Monday's return to work.

And it worked as Steve and the WDA cuddled a bit, napped some, shared noms, and enjoyed a beautiful enchanted blue day.

As evening heads toward night walks, a sadness has descended as thoughts, both Steve's and the WDA's, turn to Monday, its new school quarter with new schedule and late return from class. 

I pull out the surprise I have been hiding...a watermelon, already sliced into chunks. The group loves this sweet sticky treat and the bright red squares bring smiles and wags as the family sits on the deck and lets the darkness wrap us in timelessness.


Random Felines said...

poor WDA....the changing schedule must be hard on everyone

The Daily Pip said...

Glad you had some wonderful time together. Changes in schedules are hard for everybody.